Guerilla Garage Sale Tactics

Guerilla Garage Sale Tactics
A Collection of Greg Crites’ Short Nonsense

This audio collection features 24 short pieces written by that imbecile, Crites. It runs four-hours and costs three-bucks. Instant Download.

How this came about. Some outfit emailed wanting to distribute my shorts and pay royalties. I did all the work to find them and the company went out of business. So, I decided to offer them here for the new readers.

SPOILER ALERT! You old-time listeners should not buy this as you’ve already heard the stories through the Literary Lugwrench Clodcast. This is for new listeners!

I called it Guerilla Garage Sale because that’s one of the stories, and this entire collection is just like rooting through rubbish at a yard sale. Some stuff’s awesome, some stuff’s lice-infested. HAR!

I wrote and recorded these a long time ago and haven't listened to them. If there's something wonky, email me! I'll sober up and fix it.

Dog Fetches Man Sample story

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This is the four-hour audiobook. Cost is $3.00 Instant download. unzip files, listen.

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Story names

bank president  interview
irs agent
Crites For Senate        
Dating Site    
ghost story my ass        
guerilla garage sale    
How Not to Pick Up Women            
Journalism in Tennessee            
mayberry csi        
a modest presidential proposal            
O' Shun the Ocean        
physical fitness for the physically forlorn      
how I made my polygrapgh pay off  
pontificating politician            
sinko de marriage        
successful politician            
This Old Box            
tropical vacation        
warm spring day        
dog fetches man            
night of the living imbeciles

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